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Azure Service Fabric - Application Settings

So far, I got used to store and retrieve the application settings with the following code: ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“StorageConnectionString”] CaseInsensitiveConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("StorageConnectionString") CloudConfigurationManager.GetSetting("StorageConnectionString") And other variations... With Azure Service Fabric (ASF) it is a bit more involved, but offers finer granularity over your application settings. The following describes how to store and subsequently retrieve, the application settings in ASF (I added some colors so it will be easier to read. I hope that you are not color blind :-) Storing values: In ~\ApplicationPackageRoot\ApplicationManifest.xml <Parameters>   <Parameter Name="StorageConnectionString" DefaultValue=" Your Default Value" /> </Parameters> The Service Fabric application model enables services to include configuration packages that contain custom key-value pairs that are reada