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MongoDB Server specifications

I needed to build a dedicated server to host MongoDB (NoSQL) database for a PoC. In this stage, I did not need to worry about replication. Usually, when I need to build a server for development, I just take one of the unused machines around and convert it to something I can work with (in many cases on top of VMWare). This case was different as I needed to build the server from scratch. What should be the HW specs for such a server? I couldn’t find any official document describing such a BoM (minimum requirements / system load and the resources needed). One of the searches I made was for a ‘NoSQL database resource calculator’ (similar to the one you have for cloud computing resources like Azure). One that you put in the estimated load (like the number/size of documents/collections/reads/writes) and you get HW recommendations. No luck. I guess it would have been nice to have such a calculator on MongoDB’s site. Not sure how feasible it is though… After several more searches I found a goo