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Is BI + NoSQL = NoGo?

Successful leaders stay ahead of the competition, by making educated decisions based on hard data. In some cases, organization's data is so vast (Big Data), that Microsoft Excel just won’t cut it. If that’s your situation, you will probably want to consider a Business Intelligence (hereafter BI) solution. One important aspect when evaluating a BI tool, is to check if the BI tool can work well with all data sources in your organization (existing and planned). In this post, we will explore one prevalent data source, the NoSQL database. We will see how well BI tools and NoSQL databases work together . Spoiler alert: there is an Impedance Mismatch between the two. We can start with a quick introduction to BI and NoSQL as it will help better understand the main problem. The amount of data available for business this days, is vast and growing rapidly year after year. So is the need to transform raw data, into meaningful and digestible information. One that businesses can act upon. So, if