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Azure Storage - Blob Copy

You will probably find this post useful, if you need to rename or copy blobs (like virtual machine page blobs or block blobs). If renaming is what you are after, you are out of luck. At the moment, Azure storage does not expose functionality to rename blobs. The workaround is to copy the blob and give it a new name. The good news is that you do not need to download the files locally ( blobs can be in the TBs scale ) i.e. Azure Blob Storage supports direct copy between subscriptions and even accounts. Searching the web for documentation and examples can be tedious as newer versions of the Azure storage SDK are not backwards compatible! The following is a simple code for copying blobs programmatically using the SDK version 7.x: // Parses a connection string and returns a CloudStorageAccount created from the connection string. var destinationStorageAccount = CloudStorageAccount.Parse(Your Destination Storage Account Connection String); var destinationCloudBlobClient = destinationStorageA

Azure Service Fabric - Book Review

On March 30, 2016 @ Microsoft Build Developer Conference, Azure Service Fabric* became Generally Available. If you are reading this, you are probably excited as well! If you have been in the software industry for awhile, you probably know that announcing software Generally Available does not always mean that the software is ready for prime time LOL. This might not be the case with Azure Service Fabric, as Microsoft internally has been working with this tech for years before making it available (probably started as research project called Orleans ). A while back, I needed to get myself familiar with Azure Service Fabric, as it was the platform of choice for our green field project. I believe that when starting with a new platform, it is beneficial to use a relevant book as a starting point. A book, in contrast to disparate articles or blog posts, usually provides an overview in digested form. To that end, I picked up Haishi Bai’s book: “Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric”. I wou