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Microsoft Oxford (Bing) - Speech Recognition - First Impressions

Update : Microsoft Oxford is now called Bing Speech API Project Oxford exposes a rich API which paves the way for many interesting business opportunities. The following are my observations after kicking the tires with the “ Speech Recognition ” feature. My first stop was the code sample library. I found the library comprehensive, with many code samples for the different features that the API exposes. Moreover, it even has support for platforms other than Windows. At the time of writing this post, a speech recognition code sample was available for download on GitHub here . I recommend using it as it is well crafted and approachable . The UI (WPF app) is rudimentary but is just good enough for a jump start. In order to use the API, a key is required and can be generated on the Oxford website. The UI has a button that helps obtaining such a key and even serializes the key for later use. Nice! Next, I ran the code sample with the provided audio samples. The Speech API got the job done wit